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This is lettering using a quill instead of an apostrophe for the contraction "As Penned"
   We believe the author should be very much a part of the important decisions that will impact the outcome of his work.

   Our customers receive all of the royalties from the sales of books.

As publisher's we:

  • evaluate manuscripts and suggest ways to improve writer skills and content.
  • edit and proof, design and produce your title.
  • insure copyright and Library of Congress requirements are met.
  • solicit requests for quotation (RFQ's) from reputable printing companies.
  • evaluate bids and advise who best meets cost and printing requirements.
  • execute contracts and set the date of publication.
  • provide marketing advice.



Publisher Chan Atchley and cover designer Judith Atchley

Chan and Judith at work


We are your self-publishing solution.
  • We provide an excellent option for entrepreneurial authors who wish to manage sales and distribution of their work.  Or, who just want a limited number of books for personal distribution.
  • We provide all of the creative development and technical expertise necessary to place a budding author's manuscript into print.
  • Branches of Life is a good example of how a book can be self published by the author with our support.

Books may be printed digitally or offset press in black and white or full color in:

  • unlimited quantities
  • short runs of less than 3,000
  • very short runs of less than 600


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