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color picture of Nelda "Sunny" Bingo | 2006


Nelda "Sunny" Fairchild Bingo

a.k.a. Ned Fairchild

b 08/26/1929 - d 05/03/2015

Paul McCartney played and sang her most popular song "Twenty Flight Rock" when he auditioned for the Beatles July 6, 1957.


Click here and read a couple of Sunny's compelling poems.

Sing or Cry

Sing or Cry

black and white picture of Sing or Cry soft cover book

Subtitle: My Life in Verse

Type: Bibliography

Genre: Poetry

Rare, autographed and collectible

Price:  $99.95

Additional Information

  • Soft cover by Judith
  • 196 pages, 6"x9" perfect bound
  • limited first edition
  • published  September 2006
  • ISBN: 978-0-9748515-3-2
  • Library of Congress Control:  2006928971
  • Collectible - less than 30 Autographed copies still available
  • Autographed, double matted prints of Sunny's book artwork available


Elizabeth Laden, writer and publisher of the Island Park News.  "Sunny's poems brilliantly reflect life's sharp edges and gentle cycles.  She has a knack for nailing down the essence of life's sorrow and joy."


Karen Bossick, The Wood River Journal, Sun Valley, Idaho.  "Sunny Bingo's poems will make you want to sing or cry, or both.  This amazing writer, who has written songs sang by Paul McCartney, Mick Jagger, Merle Travis, and Gene Autry has penned an array of words from the heart."