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This is lettering using a quill instead of an apostrophe for the contraction "As Penned"
Picture of The Soul of the Land hard case book with dust jacket

The dust jacket for this 6"x9" hard cover is a scanned copy of an image Judith developed while making paper using all-natural pulps, fibers and grasses.  It tells the story of two brothers and their struggle to own the land.

black and white picture of We, The Shamans soft cover book

This 5.5"x8.5" soft cover is a picture of a Judith original.  The 3'x5' acrylic painting is framed in barn wood.  It pulls the reader into the room of an old, abandoned family farm house where an open door beckons.

We, The Shamans

How to write an award winning family history




Judith has the unique ability to capture the essence of the story in a single work of art.  Click here if you would like to consult with Judith.

color picture of Idaho Gambling hard case book


This 8.5"x11" hard case cover is a photograph of a ring of vintage poker chips framing a picture of old time gamblers.  The spot gloss overlay on the lettering and poker chips results in a 3 dimensional effect of looking through a window into a by gone time.

black and white picture of Sing or Cry soft cover book

This 6"x9" soft cover consists of a scanned copy of an 80-year-old scratched, sepia photograph of the author and her two siblings.  During the depression, they had to sing in bars and chase the coins thrown on the floor to have enough money to eat.

Sing or Cry

My Life in Verse

color photograph Branches of Life soft cover book

This 6"x9" soft cover consists of  a photograph of the branches of a tree by the author.  It is overlaid with an original water color of a sunrise by Judith.

Branches of Life

A social worker's guide to living a better and fuller life