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This is lettering using a quill instead of an apostrophe for the contraction "As Penned"



black and white photo of Judith Atchley professional artist

Judith Atchley

Professional Artist

Professionally trained and fully experienced:

  • East coast raised and educated, artist Judith Atchley, is a key member of the Aspen'd Publishing team.
  • Judith has paintings and photographs in numerous private collections worldwide as well as in the permanent collection of many art galleries.
  • Judith has the unique ability to capture the essence of the story in a single work of art.

   When looking for places to cut the cost of publishing a book, do not settle for mediocrity.  A well designed cover is important.


  • Good covers increase sales!


  • Good covers beckon to the reader, "pick me up."


  • Good covers are visible from a distance.


  • Good covers are easily read on electronic devices.


   Do you like the designs of Judith's work on the following page?  If so, why not give Judith a chance to design the cover of your next title.


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