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Cindy Osman


   Over the years, Cindy‚Äôs great desire was to write a book that would summarize many of the basic skills leading to a successful life.  Branches of Life, is that wish fulfilled.

Branches of Life

Branches of Life: An experienced social worker's guide to living a better and fuller life

color photograph Branches of Life soft cover book

Type:  Modern Day Reference

Genre:  Self Help

Price:  $18.99, Free Shipping in U.S.

Additional Information


  • Soft cover by Judith
  • 6"x9",  perfect bound soft cover
  • 236 pages,  one picture
  • limited first edition
  • published  May 2014
  • ISBN: 978-0-9960330-0-8
  • Library of Congress Control:  2014905707
  • autographed by the author
  • Branches of Life was self published by the author using the expertise and counsel of Aspen'd Publishing
  • Each chapter provides basic information for people of all ages and walks of life.  Check out some of your life's challenges.



   "Branches of Life offers a simple yet vital outline of the basics needed for maximal life success, no matter what your background, history, or medical concerns might be."  Dr. Warren Willey, DO.