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This is lettering using a quill instead of an apostrophe for the contraction "As Penned"



Our list of published titles all have a few important things in common.  They are:

  • copyrighted and preserved through the Library of Congress.
  • appropriately identified with ISBN numbers and listed on Bowker's "Books in Print."
  • well written, compelling emotional reads with excellent reviews.
  • of such historical significance, the titles, have in words of the publishing world, “long tails.”  In other words, they have a very long market shelf life.
  • first edition titles, published with short to very short runs making them potentially valuable collectibles.  An example: Honoring the author's wishes, Idaho Gambling, first edition copies are limited to just 528 books.  There are fewer than 300 remaining in inventory.
  • signed autographed books such as copies of Sing or Cry that have already reached collectible status.


Soul of the Land

We, The Shamans

Branches of Life