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Chan Atchley


   Chan's writing career began when he left the corporate world in 1993.  He became a publisher and designer of books in 2004 when he was unable to find a publisher for his third book, The Soul of the Land.   He now, is writing full time and also works on interior design as well as publishing.



   Readers seldom give much thought about what goes into a book, or how content is displayed.  Once a reader's interest has been sufficiently aroused by the title and cover, he opens the book.

  Suddenly, before the first word is read, the subtleties of book design come into play.  How the book is bound, trim size, paper stock, interior layout, and even font unconsciously influence feelings about the book.

   Our objective is to work with the author to develop an interior design that enhances the readers enjoyment and appreciation of his work.

   Chan's experience in graphic and spatial design has become an important part of Aspen'd Publishing's success.


Specific items that must be addressed in the layout and design of each book are: