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  • Do you dream of seeing your name on the cover of a book?


  • Do you dare dream of writing a best seller?


  • Dreaming is easy, but first a dose of reality.


No one knows, the exact number of manuscripts written each year and never find their way to a publisher's desk.  It certainly is in the thousands, if not millions.  Therefore, becoming a published author requires a great deal of perseverance and hard work.  Are you up to it?


If you have a story and are willing to put in the time to write, rewrite, and then rewrite some more, send us a request for a consultation.





As noted in We, the Shamans, some folks have a knack for story telling, while others struggle endlessly.  Either way, putting the story down on paper is a learned skill, and as in most things, with practice comes improvement.


There are many subjects and different ways to write a story.  However, to the novice, you should get a book on how to format and write a book.  Chan's book, We, the Shamans will provide excellent guidance.


You might also consider purchasing The Soul of the Land to provide examples on how to tell your story.  If you buy both of them together, Click the Shaman-Soul option for a special price.



We provide all of the necessary services to convert a manuscript into a published book.  They are:

  • counseling and guidance
  • planning and organizing content
  • manuscript evaluation
  • manuscript editing
  • graphic design
  • counseling on marketing and the promotion of your book.


  • Multiple printing options
  • Original covers by Judith
  • Interesting historical reads and excellent reference books
  • Books may become collectibles
  • Covers are available as prints