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   Aspen’d Publishing was created in the shadow of the Tetons in 2003.  That was the year we self published an award winning book, The Soul of the Land.

   Two years later, we followed up with We, The Shamans, a self help book that provides the basics of how to write an award winning family history.  Since then, we've also begun helping others become published authors.

   Our latest title, Idaho Gambling, was published last November.  It is truly an outstanding pictorial about the evolution of gambling in Idaho.  To insure that it will soon become a much more valuable collectible, we are honoring the author's wishes and limiting the first edition to 528 books. View Books we Publish to purchase now.

   Also, we regret to point out that our friend, song writer, singer, and author of Sing or Cry, Sunny Bingo passed on two years ago.  Since then, Sunny's autographed books have been increasing in value.  We have fewer than 30 autographed and dated books left to sell.  View Books we Publish to purchase now.