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Aspen'd Publishing Company is located in Ashton, Idaho

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Sing or Cry - Author: Nelda "Sunny" Bingo - Cover Design by: Judith Atchley We, The Shamans - Author: Chan Atchley - Cover Design by: Judith Atchley The Soul of The Land - Author: Chan Atchley - Dust Jacket Design by: Judith Atchley
Sing or Cry
My life in Verse
by: Nelda "Sunny" Bingo
We, The Shamans
How to write an award winning family history
by: Chan Atchley
The Soul of The Land
The true story of two brothers & their struggle to own the land
by: Chan Atchley

Aspen'd Publishing, is an Idaho publishing company that specializes in affairs of the heart. Our services include help with the manuscript, illustrations and graphics, book cover design and the publishing of the book. Click Here for a free consultation on what you have written and let us help you make your dream a reality.

Sing or Cry: by song writer Nelda “Sunny” Fairchild a.k.a. Ned Fairchild, is an unforgettable, heart wrenching collection of poems. Sunny helped usher in the rock and roll era with her hit “Twenty Flight Rock” first recorded by Eddie Cochrane and featured in the movie, "The Girl Can't Help It," starring Jayne Mansfield. Born cross-eyed, Sunny’s poems accompanied by pen and ink sketches, reflect her struggle to overcome a tormented childhood. Reviews of the book describe the poems as ...amazing... torture of a sad childhood... fascinating journey of life... uniquely humorous... best of any modern Western Poet. As a song writer, Sunny’s hit Twenty Flight Rock was the reason Paul McCartney was asked to join the Beatles when he was just 15 years old.

We, The Shamans, is an easy-to-follow guide in how to write an exciting family history that will be a compelling read. Award winning author, Chan Atchley leads the writer through a process of collecting and organizing information to writing the story using creative nonfiction techniques. It’s a “must have” handbook for writers of family history.
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Award Wining The Soul of the Land. by Chan Atchley is an unforgettable epic of life hard to imagine in today’s world. This creative nonfiction family history is a compelling read about life on the frontier in the early 1900's. This book is not just for history buffs, but for readers who enjoy a truly great emotional story of real people struggling to survive.
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An accomplished artist, Judith Atchley’s artistic skills are evident in the covers of all Aspen’d Publishing books. She has a special talent for graphically capturing the essence of the story and displaying it on the cover. The covers for The Soul of the Land and We, The Shamans were both taken from her original artwork. The cover for Sing or Cry is an enhancement of an old photograph. High quality, numbered and signed Giclée reproductions still retain much of the three dimension effect found in the original artwork and may be purchased HERE.

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